18 de January de 2016 Kaio Andrade

Graduations / The Belt System

We follow the graduation based on IBJJF system, since we believe is the best way to show recognition about the student’s improvement on the art of BJJ.
As well known, the periods mentioned are not fixed, they are the minimum time required in each belt. The professor determine how long each practitioner should remain in each belt.

Here at Lotus Club Southport, the skills wanted to graduate are:

  • BJJ Skills mastered since your most recent graduation or started.
  • Understanding the concepts in different scenarios of fight.
  • Development and practice of strategies to fight.
  • Commitment with Jiu Jitsu philosophy.
  • Time of training, we respect the minimum period of training ruled by IBJJF.
  • Conduct values, understand that your actions, and not your words, define which kind of person you are.IBJJF-Graduation-System-Poster

But first of all, we truly believe that “It’s about the journey”, graduation should never be an objective, graduation it’s (or should be) a consequence of your hard training and improvement in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that includes (and not only):

  • Mind & Body self-control – Through better knowledge about your capabilities, your own body and personal space;
  • Development of higher respect for others and yourself – Understanding the martial art philosophy, concepts and life style;
  • Self-confidence and humbleness – The true self-confidence shows up through humbleness;
  • Live the real meaning of words like: Patience, persistence, respect, commitment, effort, etc…

How Royce Gracie said once before (and I read on the wall at my friend’s dojo Fight Club Miami):

– “A black belt only covers two inches of your ass. You have to cover the rest.”

Below you can watch a very good content to understand more about the BJJ Belt System:






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